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Design2Desire was established in 1997 in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, by Manoj Parmar.
After studying at the School of Jewellery, Manoj pursed a career in design and hand crafting bespoke jewellery.

Focusing on simple forms, and adding the element of colour in to the designs, created a starting point for the project. The ideas soon flourished into pieces of jewellery, and gained immediate attention. The different ranges of items soon followed with the use of precious and semi-precious stones and a variety of coloured metals.

The creation of Design2Desire came due to the lack of jewellery which was catered to the individual.

Designing and creating individual pieces of jewellery based on the person’s style and inspiration have become the benchmark concept of Design2Desire.

Bespoke Jewellery

If you have a design that you would like to have made in a piece of jewellery, please feel free to get in contact

Single stone engagement ring

This handmade four claw solitaire ring was made for a 14mm round brilliant cut stone. This ring was designed to be simple and elegant, making the stone the main feature of this engagement ring.

Lily ring

Ring design based on a lily flower made in silver with 2mm round brilliant cut diamond. The design was a private commission which was craved in wax due to its organic shape and then cast in to Silver.

“Om” pendant

“Om” is the religious symbol for the Hindu culture for hundreds of years. This symbol was re-designed but still keeping the original pattern and making it into a three-dimensional pendant and earrings as matching set for everyday wear.

Opal single stone ring

The opal was an unevenly shaped, which required having a bespoke setting made to secure the stone in the silver ring. The ring had to be made with the setting very low to the finger for everyday use.

Opal snake ring

Sliver snake ring design adapted with two 6mm round opals set at each end of the ring. Each setting was made with thicker wall for the setting to add to the design feature of the ring

Pear peridot pendant

Hand craved complex pattern out wax then cast in to silver and set with 5x3mm pear shaped peridot which was the customers birthstone. The pendant was then satin finished which highlighted the stones lustre.

Ring to pendant design

Customers own ring designed into a more contemporary pendant design. the pendant has been made using all the original parts of the ring. nothing new was adding or taken away from the original ring.

Pearl pendant

Stylish sliver wire pendant designed for evening wear is set with two black pearls. The customer required a nice elegant evening wear piece of jewellery with pearls.

Peridot pendant and earrings

The customer provided their pear shaped peridot stone. The design of the pendant was to have a natural flow and an individual style with in the design. Finished item was in 18ct white with matching earrings.


What People are Saying

“I would recommend Manoj to anyone who loves hand crafted jewellery”


I have had 3 rings designed by Manoj. One is my engagement ring second is my wedding ring and the third was a ring as a Christmas present. He was so professional in his approach to what we wanted. He was asking us questions, communicating and advising us every step of the way.  He also showed us what was happening at different parts of the development. I would recommend Manoj to anyone who loves hand crafted jewellery.

Joy Hickman

” Thank you so much, you have a very satisfied customer!”



This pendant was transformed from such a basic ring to this beautiful, innovative and creative piece of jewellery – I absolutely love it and can’t believe the incredible transformation! Thank you so much, you have a very satisfied customer!


Tejal Bharadia

“I couldn’t have asked for anything better”



12 years ago I had my amazing wedding ring made for me. It is a one of a kind ring in 18ct white gold and diamonds. I wanted something different but with my favourite Marquee shape diamond. When he showed me his design for my ring, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 


Georgina Georgiou

” I am truly amazed at how beautiful and unique with the finished piece”


I always wanted a pendant with my birthstone to wear everyday, but never found anything that was nice and unique. Manoj was able to create a beautiful pendant in silver with a pear shaped peridot stone. I am truly amazed at how beautiful and unique with the finished piece and how he showed me every step of the process from design to the final finished pendant. I hope to get more designs made by him as they are so beautiful! 


Pooja Chauhan

“His craftsmanship is exquisite!”



What an amazing guy! Manoj made me two rings as presents for family who were over the moon about them, his craftsmanship is exquisite! I’d thoroughly recommend him. 

Tara Young

“It’s a pleasure to wear”



I was provided with a great experience of designing the ring I always wanted. I adore the rare sapphire found for my ring which has slight tones of blue and yellow making it more unique. It was beautifully set in a rose and white gold wrapped band. It’s a pleasure to wear and I am very delighted with the end product.

Jaskarn Gill

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